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Commercial Umbrella | Smith & Sharpe Insurance

We’d like to think of umbrella liability insurance as protection for the unexpected rainy event. When the most serious of situations arise, Smith & Sharpe Insurance is there to protect your business with quality Brownwood, Texas commercial umbrella insurance.

Worst-case scenario: You get sued for several millions for an accidental death that occurred on your company's premises, and your current liability policies cannot fully cover all the expenses. What do you do? That's where your umbrella liability insurance coverage comes in. This policy protects your financial future by paying claims that exceed the liability limits of your existing policy. As an independent agency, we are able to provide our clients with custom-tailored policies that meet their specific needs at rates they can afford. You’ve worked really hard to build your business. Why leave it open to such detrimental risk?

Call us today at (325) 646-4578. Let Smith & Sharpe Insurance review your insurance requirements and decide which umbrella policy works for your business needs.

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