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Personal Umbrella | Smith & Sharpe Insurance

Think of Smith & Sharpe Insurance as your personal umbrella for that unexpected Texas storm.

In today’s society, getting sued runs like wildfire. Prevalent as lawsuits may be, one may think it will never happen to them. But it happens very often, which is why more and more policyholders are turning to personal umbrella insurance to provide an extra layer of coverage when the dire situation arises.

When worst-case scenarios turn into a reality for you, we're there to cover your assets. Your customized umbrella liability insurance policy will provide additional coverage that goes beyond the limits of your existing liability insurance policy.

You’ve spent years building a solid financial future for your family in Brownwood, Texas. Don’t risk letting one single claim against you ruin everything you’ve worked for. Protect it the right way with personal umbrella insurance through Smith & Sharpe Insurance.

Contact us today at (325) 646-4578. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what policy is right for you. Or get a Texas umbrella insurance quote online now.

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